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DATE NIGHT ENRICHMENT Couple’s Country Line Dancing Lesson

Brookside Park 4054 Fox Run Rd, Dover, PA

We are excited to announce; Dancin' with Brittanie & Marriage Maintenance have partnered together to bring you a Interactive Biblically Based Line Dance Workshop!  Join us as we dive into […]


Are we there yet?…Establishing VISION for your Marriage

Life Center 411 S. 40th St., Harrisburg, PA, United States

Marriage is a lifelong pursuit of our spouse's heart in which we both need to be running in the same direction to reach a shared destination. How do we do that? We establish a marriage vision. A moving target is hard to hit, but if we, as a couple, have a fixed target, we are both aiming in the same direction, we have our priorities aligned and we share the same vision. As a result we are set up to hit the success target in our marriage and family.

Winter Premarital Course 2024

Upper Room Missionary Church 1401 WILLIAMS RD., York, United States

Winter Premarital Course starts February 5, 2024. The course consists of 2 parts: a 10 week class called "Marriage on the Rock" and the SYMBIS Assessment. See the details provided for more information. The wedding is a day...your marriage is a PROACTIVE in preparing for BOTH!

Marriage Advance 2024

Oil Lamp Ministries 2085 Main Street, Churchtown, PA, United States

SAVE THE DATES! DETAILS TO COME... Friday Night and Saturday Romantic Marriage Enrichment Event held at Oil Lamp Ministries in Churchtown, PA.